About Me & My Art

"Art by debOrah"

(debOrah Cohen - Crown)

"Alligators to Zebras" 

Welcome to my website. I am an artist and live in Gainesville, Florida. I'd love to hear from you whether you've purchased my art, are contemplating a purchase or just feel like writing to me (you may use the contact me link).  Meanwhile, here's what others have written about me and my art: 

"debOrah combines special talents for cartooning, illustrating and designing to create colorful paintings, greeting cards, magnets, and whimsical hand-embellished limited-edition images of her own unique cast of “critters.” They often depict animals anthropomorphically in unusual yet familiar “people-like” situations; bright, happy scenes with irresistible images of flora and fauna which have been described as “witty, whimsical and ingenious.”

She has created and illustrated informative, promotional “private label” coloring books, posters and postcards custom-designed for tourist attractions, botanical gardens, wineries, aquariums, museums, organizations, and businesses.

Her works have been commissioned for and acquired by many private collectors and corporations. They have been exhibited and sold by major museums and art galleries and featured at finer stores throughout the country.

debOrah originally became well known for her vibrant batik silk scarves, accessories, wall-hangings and hand-painted pins. Many of her designs and color combinations derive from the essence of native crafts seen while traveling in Europe, Central America, The South Pacific and The Orient.

She was raised in Rochester, New York, studied Fine Arts and Textile Design at The New School for Social Research (Parsons School of Design) in New York City and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in The Visual Arts and Business from Empire State College. She has been an instructor for The Adult Community Education Program at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida and is docent emeritus at the Harn Museum of Art.

She has given entertaining and educational talks, demonstrations and workshops on a wide variety of art-related topics and techniques."