Baby Key Lime Green Turtle - Square Painting on Canvas

art by debOrah


"Baby Key Lime Green Turtle"

(the baby turtle is smiling!)

Lime-green turtle on a tangerine-orange background.

Bright, Happy Colors - almost delicious enough to eat.

Original One-of-a-Kind Folk Art


topped-off with glittery 3-dimensional paints.

"It looks like icing on a cake!"

 It is a mini-painting on a square

4" X 4" x 3/4"

stretched canvas with protective coating.

The canvas is painted on the sides so it needs no frame.

There is a small hook on the back for hanging.

 By moving the hook you can "tilt" the painting

to hang it in different directions. 

This painting would look lots of fun on a little easel, too,

or display on desk, tabletop, windowsill or ledge.